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About this event:

Created by Free Spirit Collaborative

ARTINSPIRED 3170 William Styron Square N Newport News, VA 23606
USD $20

A vision board workshop? In July? Yes – our point exactly! Time for a mid-year tune up or even a first-time summer inner adventure with our interactive vision board group experience.

We know these are so often held in the New Year, which is extremely valuable and we’ll be there for you then, too.

But, what happens if you:

  • missed that New Year wave of workshops
  • desire to reconnect to the New Year vision


  • just feel ready for some mid-year fresh inspiration?

Well, we are here for you! Our goal is to give a place to explore your positive personal vision for this time in your life. You’ll have a chance to experience our custom blend of art~design~wellness with a positive psychology twist.

With gentle guidance from the creative minds of web designer Erica Pugh and licensed professional counselor Crystal Ferrara, you’ll be provided the magazines and some inspiration prompts to get you started. The rest is all you! Connect with your intuition and see what you creatively unlock.

P.S. Plus we will collaboratively offer the chance to continue this experience forward in a recurring bi-monthly group if there is interest.


::: Space is Limited to 15 Participants. :::

Doors Open: 2:00 pm / Ends: 4:00pm, Tickets only $20

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