Meet the Free Spirits

free spirit CRYSTAL

Crystal Ferrara, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) offers our community a focus on encouraging inspiration, vision for changing the world through creativity and wellness, and innovative thinking to fuel transformation. Crystal’s lifelong love of art and design began when visiting family in Europe at a very young age.

Crystal crafts and exudes a passion for a wide variety of creative arts, from art photography to mixed media painting and conceptual art, as well as furniture upcycling and room design/styling. She specializes in combining positive psychology and wellness themes with personalized and inspirational artwork, total visual world-building branding, and space designs.

Throughout her life Crystal has had a heart for helping others and travelling the world. This led her to pursue her Bachelor’s in World Politics and her Master’s in Community Counseling (all the while with an artist and designer living inside!). With over 15 years experience in the psychology field, she brings an artistic and visionary  approach to creative consulting, our “break the cage” coaching and workshop experiences aimed at raising your quality of life. She and Erica will be leading an upcoming Vision Board workshop with a positive psychology twist on June 28!

Crystal aims to help everyone create their own personal blend of art~design~wellness. Her ultimate goals are to help your business shine, to help you break any of your cages and to help you unlock your fullest creative wellbeing!

free spirit ERICA

Erica Pugh brings our community a unique blend of technical experience, an eye for design, and creative inspiration. Her background in tech, web and graphic design began when she was just 12 years old. Erica considers herself a “multipotentialite” with a wide range of passions in art, design, and wellness – including performing arts!

Erica began hula hooping in 2012 and fell in love with the childlike play that it brings to her busy adult life. Erica now teaches our weekly Free Spirit Collaborative hula hoop dance classes in Yorktown, VA.

Erica has always had an interest in psychology and personal development, leading her to enrich the lives of others through our mind & body wellness workshops. Her coaching style is a powerful combination of self-exploration techniques and self-expression exercises to free your spirit and gain positive forward momentum in your life.