Free Spirit Collaborative

Welcome to our design and wellness community! Our mission is to help you create your most beautiful and fulfilling life.  We do this by custom blending art~design~wellness in our services, events, and concept art pieces.  Currently we are delighted to offer you:

  • Positive Psychology Interior Design & Styling
  • Dynamic interactive workshops on topics including: creativity, wellness, positive psychology  & strengths-based living.
  • Custom inspirational concept art for organizations & events

Led by Licensed Professional Counselor Crystal M. Ferrara, we are innovating the integration of both positive psychology and design principles right here and right now.  This pioneering approach optimizes wellbeing for the wonderful humans sharing life in the organizational and commercial world.  We were honored to win a York County business growth grant in 2021 for ground breaking Positive Therapeutic Interior Designs with the expansion of our design and wellness headquarters, Free Spirit Counseling & Collaborative.

At Free Spirit Collaborative, we feel a strong desire to contribute to others and collaborate on projects with kindred spirits. We continue to fluidly evolve as we speak. We welcome the chance to connect more around creative and positive meaning oriented projects and experiences for the future.

Above all, our goal is to support and encourage every member of this community and every life we can touch in any and all creative well-being endeavors they choose to pursue. You’ll never be limited here!